Selection Criteria

Selection criteria, key selection criteria or job selection criteria are designed to assist organisations during the recruitment process enabling the key decision makers to explore the relevance of experience an individual’s experience and background against the requirements of the role.

This gives you a distinctive advantage in being able to highlight your skills, even if the role you currently do is different and the recruitment team or employer you are trying to impress does not understand your current role.

The selection criteria questions are devised around the role and directly reflect role and the specific group of core competencies and behaviours they believe needed to be successful in the role. These selection criteria questions give you the opportunity to give them real life examples of situations, events and incidents you have been involved in, allowing you to explain a situation where you have excelled, how you handled the situation, the actions you took to ensure success and the results f these actions. Highlighting the depth of your experience, skills, and ability, and allowing you to demonstrate what you would do in a similar work situation.

It is important when writing selection criteria you understand the role you are applying for, the selection criteria how they apply to that job. Find out about the employer, what do they look for their values, and believe is important. And more importantly decide if you both want to do the job and would be considered suitable. Review the position description, what are the values, accountabilities, and selection criteria if you are unsure of any of the selection criteria questions contact the company to find out more.

Our professional selection criteria writers, thoroughly review, analysis all aspects of your experience, roles, skills, the position description, selection criteria and company to ensure that they fully understand all aspects needed to write a winning selection criteria to assist you in proceeding to interview stage. We partner with you to make sure you thoroughly explore all of your experience to find a suitable answer to the selection criteria that will enable you to put the most relevant example forward in your answers, strengthening your ability to do the role, your core competency that reflect the role and the behaviours that align with the company and the role.

“Shawn was incredible in helping with me to prepare for my interview. Firstly, he knew what the role entailed and what questions are likely to be asked. Secondly, he helped me to draw from my experiences to address the selection criteria. Thirdly, he gave me very good advice on how to present myself in a corporate setting. My interviewers said that I performed highly interview and I got the job. I definitely recommend Career Management Services to others.”

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Selection Criteria is usually for the following roles in Government, Parliament, Federal, State and Local authorities, Universities and more.

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Agricultural, Conservation and Forestry
  • Arts and Culture
  • Attorney General’s Office
  • Aviation
  • Austrade
  • Ausaid
  • Communications
  • Customs
  • Defence
  • Economic Development
  • Electoral Commission

  • Emergency services
  • Engineering
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Government
  • Hospital, Health care
  • Housing, Land management
  • Human Resources
  • Immigration
  • IT
  • Libraries and schools
  • Marine and Mining

  • Personnel Recruitment
  • Police
  • Research development Science
  • Research Administration Teaching
  • Social and community services
  • Social work, libraries
  • Telecommunications
  • Tax, Treasury
  • Training
  • Transport
  • Universities

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