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Whether you are in the process of hunting for jobs, looking to make a transition into a new career, thinking about a promotion, or just wanting your employer to sit up and take notice of your potential, then we can help. Career Management Services offers a broad range of customised resume writing and career coaching services to help individuals all across the country achieve their career goals, dreams and ambitions. Our team are highly experienced professionals with a broad range of industry experience and solid backgrounds in HR including executive search and recruitment, career consulting, career counselling and career advice.

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CVs, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn Editing Process

  • You can make a credit card payment online.
  • Once we receive your payment in full, a consultant will contact you to arrange a 20 to 30-minute phone brief. The purpose of that call is for them to get an in-depth understanding of your background – specifically, your employment history, skills, job preferences, and an overall understanding of how the document should be targeted.
  • Your resume writer will then prepare a draft, and it will be reviewed by a HR professional and industry expert to ensure the document is aligned and targeted appropriately.
  • The writer will email your draft document to you in a Microsoft Word format.
  • Once you receive your draft, you can take some time to review it. Check for factual accuracy and formatting errors. Ensure you are happy with the content, and make sure you feel it represents your skills and experience well.
  • If you have any questions or wish to discuss any changes, your resume writer will go through this with you and prepare a second draft for you.
  • Your document is then finalised and ready to submit.
  • You can except a draft to be spent to you between 3-4 working days from the phone brief.
  • If you wish to make contact with the writer at any point throughout the process, they will be available via phone and email.

Coaching Services Process

  • You can make a credit card payment online.
  • Once we have received your payment, send through all documents you have used during your previous job search and application process (including the position description and targeted job role if necessary).
  • A coach will contact you within 1-2 business days to schedule your coaching session.
  • Meet with your coach for the coaching session face-to-face, via phone or skype.
  • If you wish to make contact with the coach at any point throughout the process, they will be available via phone and email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose CMS to prepare me a professional CV? What makes CMS different from other resume writing services?
Career Management Services is a leading personalised career services company with a strong track record of getting people into new roles all across Australia. We take a very targeted approach to preparing your documents – working with you to highlight your skills, experience, capabilities and unique strengths that are necessary for the role going forward, and which will make you stand out from other candidates applying to the same position.

It is common for other resume writing services to copy and paste your information into a CV template, and send it back to you without taking the measures to ensure it is properly targeted to the type of roles you are wanting to apply for. This has been shown to be very ineffective in securing an interview.

Do you have a guarantee policy that this document will secure me a role?
Due to the many factors involved in how and why candidates are selected for roles, it would be impossible for us to 100% guarantee that the documents will get you an interview or secure you a role. We would expect you to give us a call, tell us what your current career situation is so we can provide you with a tailored service that meets your personal needs.

That being said, our success rate is extremely high with an above industry standard. This is because our staff have solid backgrounds in HR including executive search and recruitment, career consulting, career counselling and career advice. Our resume writing team are comprised of professional writers who have undergone in-depth training in professional CV writing and due to the experience and expertise of our staff, we have a strong track record of getting people into new roles.

I already have a CV and Cover Letter and have been applying for roles that I feel I meet the requirements for, but haven’t been hearing back after submitting my application. Why is this?
The first impression that a potential employer will have of you is going to depend on how you present yourself in your resume, cover letter and any selection criteria you may have to address.

No matter how suitably qualified you are, if your application does not capture your experience in a succinct way, or address their specific requirements, then you will not be called in for an interview. Our focus is ensuring we showcase your skills and experience appropriately and address the job requirements, including any other selection criteria/core capability requirements that are required.

I have had my document professionally done by CMS, but now I need an update. What do I do?
We do charge for a resume update, and you can see our resume update page for prices. It is normal for our clients to come back after they have secured a new role, and ask us to update their resume after a few years before going back out to the job market. If you are looking to re-position yourself, as perhaps you are wanting to work in a new industry or role, then yes you may need to do a resume update.

If you are applying for similar types of roles you can adjust or tweak the documents yourself if you feel comfortable. However, if you are wanting to update your CV with your most recent role, re-target your document or make a career transition, then we highly recommend our CV Update service so a member of our team can revise and re-target your document appropriately.

What can I expect the document to look like? Are there different layouts and styles I can choose from?
We don’t provide different layouts, styles or formats to choose from, and this for a very important reason. Recruiters will decide on your suitability for the role within 6-10 seconds from looking at your CV, so the format and layout of the CV is just as important as the content. Combined with the content, the most important thing is to make sure that your document is easy for the recruiter to read, and that they don’t have to go searching for any information. Our template has been tried and tested as simple and easy to read at a glance.

We provide you with a front page that outlines your Profile, Strengths, Education and Career Summary – so if the recruiter has lots of documents to go through and they only get the chance to look at the first page of your document there is enough information to demonstrate your past experience and suitability for the role. If you wish to put borders in, change font, or insert coloured headings then you may do that yourself. But we do not recommend this as borders and graphics can interfere with how your CV is picked up on an Application Tracking System (ATS).

What happens if I lose the document?
If you lose the document, then contact us and we will able to re-send it to you. We keep the documents for up to 1 year from the time it has been completed. If you wish to keep it stored in our system for longer there will a small charge.
What coaching service do I need?
You can learn more about our services on their individual page. If you wish to discuss this further, please email enquiries@careermanagementservices.co.nz or give us a call on (09) 887 3049.
If I did not like the service, can I get a refund?
If you have any issues, please contact a member of our team and we will work with you to help find a resolution that leaves you happy.

Further questions?

No worries! Please give us a call on (09) 887 3049 and a member of our team will gladly assist with your enquiry.