Interview Coaching

We want you to succeed in the interview and get the role we work with you – give you back control of your career, we know you may be busy and sometimes can’t meet in person so we offer two options for you interview coaching in person and over the phone. Prior to our interview coaching session we develop a tailored coaching program for you.

During the interview coaching sessions, we will teach you:

  • How to research an organisation, build a network, and find out more about what is really happening in an organisation.
  • How to make a great impression and get noticed.
  • Techniques for building confidence and rapport in interview.
  • Sell yourself into the role.
  • Your 2 minute and 30 second sales pitch.
  • How to answer typical interview questions.
  • Break down a position description to analyse your background and strength and weaknesses for the role.
  • The background of competency and behavioural based interviews and what to expect.
  • Analysis and develop a list of key behavioural and competency based questions you are most likely to be asked in interview.
  • Role play and rehearse competency and behavioural based questions and answers.
  • Skills and techniques for negotiating and securing a better salary package;
  • Give feedback, critic and examples on your interview skills in a number of role plays
  • Give you tip, tricks and techniques to prepare you for any interview from panel interviews, one on one etc.
  • How to beat the competition and get an offer for the role.



“Shawn was incredible in helping me to prepare for my interview. Firstly, he knew what the role entailed and what questions I was likely to be asked. Secondly, he helped me to draw answers from my experiences to address the selection criteria. Thirdly, he gave me very good advice on how to present myself in a corporate setting.

My interviewers said that I performed extremely well in the interview and I got the job. I would definitely recommend Career Management Services to others.”

During Our Interview Coaching session we will coach you on successfully:

  • Answering behavioural based questions
  • Answering competency based questions
  • Winning the client over in a traditional interview
  • Impressing the audience and addressing individuals in panel interviews
  • Understanding how the interview process works and the questions you will be asked
  • Understanding who you will be meeting, their role in the interview process and what they are looking for in your answers
  • Impressing everyone you come in contact for your new role
  • Negotiating the best salary possible
  • Answering your behavioural or competency based questions so you star
  • Using body language to help secure the role in interview
  • Preparing for your interview, through position description analysis, research and practice questions and answers


Thanks for all your help with the interview, interviews have always been so difficult for me and this time I really aced it. I love my new job.

I really appreciate your help, and will tell all my friends. Thanks again.
Mat P.

“Stress or opportunity?”

You can view the interview as the best opportunity to impress a prospective employer, or as the scariest stress test you could put yourself through. We are here to take away the stress.

Are you off to a traditional interview? Or a behavioural based interview? Will you be subject to the stress test? Or a panel interview? Do you understand how each works? Are you clear what each tries to achieve and how? Have you worked out what they really want to know about you?

Early planning, analysis and practice will give you the best chance of starring. Stars get the offers!

“Our career is dedicated to building your career.
The more successful you are the more successful we are.”

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