Government Resume

Career Management Services provide Government resume writing services. Talk to our specialists in public service and Government resume writing. We understand the Public Service, Government and Corporate, and will work confidentially with you on a one on one basis to ensure you get the best results. At Career Management Services we give our commitment to you, that we will strive to help you achieve your dreams. Building a resume that opens doors, and gets results.

If you are unsure of what is next, don’t stress. We will work with you to help you assess the next steps in your career, and follow it right through with you until the end.

“Our career is dedicated to building your career.

The more successful you are the more successful we are. “

Partner with us

Our team of professional career consultants will build you a fantastic resume, offer you advice assistance and support, to ensure that we give you the best chance of getting the role you want. Whether you are in local government the Public Service then talk to us.

Perhaps you are looking at a:

  • Career promotion
  • Career Change
  • Career transition
  • Redundancy
  • Getting back into Private or Corporate sector

The reason doesn’t matter talk to us now and let us help you be successful and ensure you are on the road to success. we will build a fantastic resume for you and provide you the assistance and support to shine like a star.

We build professional resumesĀ  and help with Selection Criteria in all areas of Government including:

  • Emergency services resumes
  • Police and corrections resumes
  • Policy, planning and regulation resumes
  • Government federal resumes
  • Government local resumes
  • Government state resumes

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